Nick Hungerford Obituary, Tech Entrepreneur Dies at 43, Leaves Legacy of Charity

Nick Hungerford Obituary, Death – Nick Hungerford’s passing from Ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, is a tragic loss for his family, friends, and the charitable community. At the age of 43, Mr. Hungerford, a technology entrepreneur, leaves behind his wife Nancy and their two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. In memory of his daughter and to support bereaved children, he established a charity called Elizabeth’s Smile. The charity expressed deep sadness on its website while emphasizing that Nick’s smile will continue to inspire.

Nick Hungerford co-founded the investment platform Nutmeg in 2011, which initially faced numerous rejections from funders but eventually achieved great success. In 2021, the business was acquired by JP Morgan for a reported £700 million. Nutmeg described Nick as one of Britain’s most successful fintech entrepreneurs and expressed pride in the journey he started.

In 2019, Nick Hungerford received a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma after experiencing pain in his right thigh. He underwent an operation to remove his femur, but unfortunately, the cancer returned at the end of 2021. In an interview with The Telegraph two weeks prior to his passing, he revealed that he had only two or three months left to live.

Despite his terminal diagnosis, Nick Hungerford remained focused on making a difference. He used his time to reflect on life and recognized a lack of understanding regarding the impact on children who lose a parent. Inspired by this realization, he founded Elizabeth’s Smile, aiming to build knowledge through collaboration with researchers and clinicians worldwide. The charity also established the Smile Network, which provides books and guidance to support those affected by parental loss.

Additionally, Nick set up an artificial intelligence website where he recorded videos answering personal questions. This platform allows his daughter, Elizabeth, to access his stories, pictures, and connect with his network of friends, ensuring she can build a full picture of her father’s life.

The passing of Nick Hungerford serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting bereaved children and understanding the emotional impact they face. Elizabeth’s Smile will continue its work in honor of Nick, striving to ensure that grieving children can reach their full potential. If anyone affected by this news requires support, they can reach out to the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s Support & Information Team through phone or email.

The legacy of Nick Hungerford will be remembered not only through his entrepreneurial achievements but also through the positive impact he made on the lives of bereaved children and their families. His determination to empower others and his commitment to his daughter’s future exemplify his remarkable spirit. The charitable community mourns his loss and stands in solidarity with his family and friends during this difficult time.

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