Paul Loftus Obituary, of New Orleans Louisiana Paul Loftus Has Passed Away

Paul Loftus Death, Obituary – During this difficult time, I am writing to all of you with a heavy heart through this email in the hope that you will pray for both me and my family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. I want to express my gratitude in advance for your assistance. Someone who had a big place in our hearts who passed away not too long ago. Their loss has left a void in our lives.

Paul Loftus will be dearly missed by everyone in this congregation because he was not only a friend but also a brother in Christ and a fellow attendee of our local congregation. He passed away not too long ago. In addition to this, I have to give him credit for helping me get the job that I am presently working at because he is the one who was instrumental in getting me the job.

Because of his aid, I was able to secure the position I had been looking for. Yesterday, at approximately 3:40 in the afternoon, there was a tragic accident involving a motorbike, and sadly, he passed away as a result of it. The accident was a terrible occurrence. In the collision that took place, a motorcycle was one of the vehicles involved. We will need prayer warriors who have a lot of sway, and it just so happens that Sayward, who is also his wife, is on our worship team.

Even if you do not know Sayward or her family directly, I am asking all of you to pray for them during this difficult time since they are going through this together as a family. since of this shared experience, I believe that prayer will help them get through it. despite the fact that neither Sayward nor her family is a name you are familiar with, you are interested in meeting them.

As we remember those who have passed away, we ask that you keep these loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

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