Phillip Bastin Obituary, Phillip Bastin Has Suddenly Passed Away

Phillip Bastin Death, Obituary – On Monday evening, after keeping quiet about it up until that point, we finally said our final goodbyes to a much-loved family member who had been a part of the Pantry Family for a significant amount of time. This person had been a member of the Pantry Family for a long period of time. This member of the family had been a part of the Pantry Family for a significant amount of time prior to the time that this statement was made.

Phillip Bastin, who was the father of Felicia Nunn, who worked for our organization as both the Operations manager and the Assistant Director in training, passed away as the result of a horrific tragedy. Felicia Nunn was the daughter of Phillip Bastin. The death of Felicia Nunn’s father had occurred. Felicia Nunn’s biological father was a man by the name of Phillip Bastin.

This was an incidence that had no way of being predicted, and as a consequence, it brought to feelings of melancholy and caused commotion in the pantry over the course of the preceding week as a result of the consequences it had. His burial took place today, and in honor of Phillip, a generous person gave a donation to the food bank in his name in memory of him.

There is no question in my mind that people will have favorable opinions of him in the future because he was so kind to other people and had a solid status in the community. He was known for his honesty and reliability throughout the entire community. During this terrible time, we would ask that Felicia and the rest of his family be kept in your thoughts and prayers.

We would want to take this opportunity to thank those who have made monetary donations in his honor, and we would also like to express our gratitude to those who have done so.

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