Pietro Lalicata Obituary, Mequon Man with Violent History Killed in Police Confrontation

Pietro Lalicata Obituary, Shot Dead – The recent open records request regarding the case of Pietro LaLicata, the Mequon man who was killed by police last month, has shed more light on his alleged violent history and the numerous times officers were dispatched to his home. The information obtained from police records paints a picture of a troubled individual with a long history of confrontations and erratic behavior.

According to the criminal complaint, the incident that ultimately led to LaLicata’s death began with a dispute between him and his neighbor. The neighbor reported that LaLicata had been standing on his porch holding a gun and yelling at him while he was mowing his lawn. Moments later, LaLicata shot at the neighbor and then barricaded himself in his home. Mequon officers surrounded the property, and when the Ozaukee County Special Response Team arrived, LaLicata walked outside and started shooting at the officers. He was shot and killed around two hours after the initial call was made by the neighbor.

The records obtained from the police reveal that officers have been called to LaLicata’s home on Bonniwell Road a total of 27 times, including incidents where LaLicata himself made the calls. Some of the calls were related to reported burglaries and minor issues such as a door alarm, but many of them were directly related to LaLicata and his alleged violent behavior. Reports of domestic violence incidents date back to the early 1980s, indicating a long-standing pattern of troubled family dynamics.

In one particular incident in February 1983, a family advocacy group and the Mequon Police arranged for LaLicata’s wife and children to stay at a local motel for several days after he had threatened to kill them. The wife described a history of “violent family troubles,” stating that LaLicata would threaten her with a gun and displayed signs of mental illness. Financial difficulties seemed to have added to his distress. The records also mention an incident where LaLicata allegedly threatened a woman, slapped her, and held a trowel to her throat. She sought a temporary restraining order shortly after the incident, although it is unclear if this woman is the same person involved in the previous incidents.

Furthermore, the records indicate that both neighbors and family members were aware of LaLicata’s mental health issues. A neighbor reported in April that she believed LaLicata had dementia and expressed concern about his behavior. Adult Protective Services also met with officers after this incident, expressing concerns about LaLicata’s dementia and the fact that he had firearms in his possession. LaLicata’s family members confirmed that he owned approximately 30 guns.

Following the shooting, the Department of Criminal Investigations was tasked with investigating the officer involved, who has been placed on administrative assignment according to department policy. The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) is handling inquiries regarding the investigation, although they did not provide an update at the time of the article.

The revelations from the open records request paint a complex and troubling picture of Pietro LaLicata’s life, marked by a long history of violent incidents, mental health concerns, and strained relationships. It is important to approach this information with sensitivity and recognize the complexities surrounding mental health, domestic violence, and the challenges faced by law enforcement officers when dealing with individuals in crisis.

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