Raymond Kelana Obituary, Raymond Kelana Has Passed Away

Raymond Kelana Death, Obituary – Raymond Junus Kelana, my cherished and much-loved father, was snatched from this world in a manner that nobody could have ever foreseen. He passed away yesterday. He battled cancer for a considerable amount of time, but in the end, he was able to pass away without any discomfort while he was in the company of the people who loved him the most: his family.

He has been battling the illness for quite some time. His illness persisted for a very long time, and it was extremely difficult to find an effective cure for it. As of this moment, he had already been fighting the sickness for a sizeable amount of time, which is what led to us being in this position. If you would like to pay y

our respects to the wonderful life that he lived and attend the funeral service that will be held to honour his life on July 21 at 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon at the Pettigrew Chapel in Mayfield West, we humbly ask that you join us there. The service will be held in honour of his life and will be conducted to honour his life.

The memorial service will be held in his honour, and special performances will be given in his memory as part of the service. The memorial service will be done to honour his life as well as to pay tribute to him, and it will be held in his honour. The gathering is going to be planned so that it may pay tribute to his life, and it is going to be held so that it can pay tribute to his life.

Dad, we are going to miss you more than we could ever hope to put into words, and you will always be valued by all of us here. We are going to miss you more than we could ever hope to put into words. If we tried to put into words how much we are going to miss you, we would never be able to do it justice.

You will be missed in ways that we will not be able to fully describe through words since we do not have enough language.

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