Rich Schineller Obituary, Beloved PR Pro Rich Schineller Honored in Sarasota Celebration

Rich Schineller Obituary, Memorial and Funeral Notice – Rich Schineller, a well-known public relations professional and active member of the Sarasota community, passed away at the age of 63 in June 2023. His death left a profound impact on Sarasota, evident from the outpouring of social media tributes and heartfelt messages shared by his friends and family. Schineller, also known as “Rich,” was the managing director of Perception Management Inc., a strategic communications and business development firm specializing in entertainment, arts, and education.

One of his notable professional achievements was his work with Ringling College of Art and Design, where he played a crucial role in promoting the college’s creative endeavors and establishing connections with celebrities involved in the institution’s film program. Schineller’s career began in corporate media before he relocated to Sarasota, where he continued to make significant contributions to the community.

In addition to his work in public relations, Schineller was a talented photographer, capturing the essence of his friends and family with warmth and generosity. He was also an activist who dedicated his efforts to raising awareness about environmental issues through initiatives such as the Save Our Siesta Sand campaigns. Furthermore, Schineller actively worked to combat human trafficking, collaborating with organizations like More Too Life to shed light on the dangers associated with this issue.

Described as a heartthrob with his bright blue eyes, easy smile, and charming New York accent, Schineller was admired and loved by many. He was even featured in Sarasota Magazine’s “Magnificent Seven” list of Sarasota’s most eligible bachelors in 2009, with the publication comparing him to TV chef and author Anthony Bourdain.

The impact of Schineller’s life is evident in the stories shared on social media by friends and family after his passing. People expressed their admiration for his intelligence, generosity, and selflessness, emphasizing the positive impact he had on their lives and the community as a whole. He was recognized as a philanthropist who generously shared his wealth in the form of knowledge, time, ideas, talent, friendship, warmth, and love. Sarasota was deeply affected by his presence, and many found it difficult to imagine the community without him.

The article also highlights some personal anecdotes that showcase Schineller’s ingenuity and adventurous spirit. From scaling down the walls of his childhood home to skiing down the stairs with makeshift skis, he always brought excitement and creativity into his life. Even as an adult, he orchestrated unconventional acts, such as placing a piano on surfboards and towing it with a Jet Ski to make a video discouraging a nearby dredging project.

Schineller’s sister, Diane Schineller Sulimirski, shared an insightful anecdote about her brother’s mindset during his illness. Despite facing the crisis of his health, Schineller contemplated ways to preserve and share a person’s knowledge and experiences for posterity, referring to it as a form of A.I. transfer.

Plans for celebrating Rich Schineller’s life are forthcoming, and instead of flowers, tax-deductible contributions can be made in his name to More Too Life, the organization he collaborated with to combat human trafficking.

In conclusion, Rich Schineller was a highly respected and beloved individual in Sarasota, known for his contributions to public relations, photography, activism, and his vibrant personality. His passing has deeply affected the community, leaving behind a legacy of positivity, generosity, and creativity.

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