Richard D Obituary, Truckers Final Mile Seeks Donations to Bring Fallen Driver Home

Richard D Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mr. Richard D., an over the road truck driver who tragically lost his life while on duty near Dumas, Texas. At the age of 50, Richard’s life was cut short, leaving behind a grieving family who now seeks assistance from Truckers Final Mile, an organization dedicated to supporting the transportation needs of deceased truckers.

Richard’s family has reached out to Truckers Final Mile, requesting their help in bringing him back home to be laid to rest near Kansas City, Missouri, where he will find his final resting place. Truckers Final Mile, a nonprofit organization, plays a vital role in ensuring that fallen truck drivers are transported back to their families for proper burial. They rely on the generosity of donors to fulfill their mission, and anyone who wishes to contribute can make a tax-deductible donation through their website at

To contribute specifically towards Richard’s cause, donors can include a note or message mentioning his name when they reach the donation page. This allows the organization to allocate the funds appropriately and ensure that Richard’s family receives the necessary support during this difficult time.

Truckers Final Mile understands the unique challenges faced by truck drivers and their families. They recognize the sacrifices made by these individuals who spend countless hours on the road, away from their loved ones, to keep goods and supplies moving across the country. When tragedy strikes, they strive to provide compassionate assistance, ensuring that fallen truckers are brought back home with dignity and respect.

By donating to Truckers Final Mile, you can make a meaningful contribution towards easing the burden on Richard’s family and helping them honor their loved one’s memory. Your support will not only assist in covering the costs of transporting Richard’s remains but will also provide emotional solace to his family, knowing that there are compassionate individuals and organizations willing to stand by them during this challenging time.

In summary, Truckers Final Mile, a nonprofit organization, is seeking donations to help bring Mr. Richard D., an over the road truck driver, back to his family near Kansas City, Missouri, following his untimely passing. By making a tax-deductible donation at and mentioning Richard’s name in the note/message space, you can contribute to ensuring that Richard’s family receives the support they need to lay him to rest and find solace in their time of grief.

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