Rob Ingham Obituary, Rob Ingham Has Reportedly Passed Away

Rob Ingham Death, Obituary – This week, the club received the awful news that the brother in law of one of our senior players, Rob Ingham, had unexpectedly passed away. The news was a shock to everyone at the club. Mikey Swales was a prominent character in Whitby, and he attached a great deal of importance to the wellbeing of his family. Rob, the husband of his sister’s sister, claims that when he was younger, he was the epitome of a carefree young man who took immense pleasure in nothing more than telling jokes and making other people laugh.

He never failed to crack a smile, and he was always willing to stop what he was doing to chat to anyone and offer aid in any way that he could. He was always willing to help. Above all else, though, Mikey was a loving family man who placed the utmost value on his wife Michaela and his three children. He loved them more than anything else in the world. The majority of his time was devoted to being with them.

On behalf of the club, Phil Spencer and Damien Locker launched a fundraising initiative and were successful in their efforts, bringing in a total of £560. With any luck, this money will help the family weather any financial storms that may come their way in the future. Today, Damien paid a visit to the family and gave them both the money and the bouquet of flowers.

He also presented them with a gift certificate. Even though the family was plainly inconsolable, they wanted the club to know how grateful they were for all of the efforts that were made to aid them. There is now a website called go fund me that was just developed in order to provide monetary support to the family. If any of our backers would like to contribute financially, they can do so by clicking on the link that can be found further down on this page. Thankyou.

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