Ryuchell Suicide, Death Cause, Trans Japanese TV star’s found dead at agent office

Ryuchell Suicide, Death Cause, Obituary – The body of the transgender Japanese model and TV personality was found at the offices of the modeling agency where they worked in Tokyo. The body was discovered by the manager of the agency. The body of Ryuji Higa, better known by his stage name Ryuchell, was discovered asleep in the building on Wednesday night. Ryuchell was Ryuji Higa’s stage name. Soon after that, it was determined that he had passed away.

The fashion influencer who was 27 years old when they announced late last year that they no longer identified as male is the focus of a police inquiry into whether or not they committed suicide. The investigation is looking into whether or not the fashion influencer killed their own life. According to The Japan Times, the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding their deaths is still in its early stages.

Ryuchell’s body was found the next day, only one day after his model ex-wife Tetsuko Okuhira, better known as Peco, shared a picture of their son enjoying his fifth birthday with a large cake. When they were both 18 years old, the pair had their first experience, and two years after their wedding, they brought their first kid into the world. The couple has been together ever since.

On the other hand, they revealed that they were going their own ways in August of the year before, when they were still married. This came about because Ryuchell made the choice, which caused in widespread indignation on the internet, to declare that they no longer identified as a guy. The couple said that they intended to start a “new kind of family” in which they would raise their child together and that in order to do so, they would have to break their marriage.

Above you can see Ryuji Higa, better known by his stage name Ryuchell, attending the Tokyo Rainbow Pride celebration on April 23. His corpse was found in the building on Wednesday night, and it was revealed that he had been asleep there for some time. After his body was found, it was instantly determined that he had passed away.

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