Sarah DeMott Obituary, Sarah DeMott Has Suddenly Passed Away

Sarah DeMott Death, Obituary – We ask that you do us the favour of reading the following, which honours her: She desires for these realities to be common knowledge. The statements that are presented here are taken from a post that she published in August of 2021. She was such a supporter of the idea that a person’s sickness should not be allowed to define who they truly are. “It has taken me almost six years to get the courage to share this.

I am now being treated for breast cancer. But a woman who is battling breast cancer is not who I am. If you know me in any other capacity, I would be grateful if you could leave a comment about it here to help me, as well as yourself and everyone else, remember that having cancer does not alter who I am.

It is a challenge that I have to face. My aim is that everyone who receives a diagnosis will be treated with the same level of respect. No inquiries, no sympathy, no advise. Simple recognition that I am still the same person I was before should suffice. To that end, I will always be.” “I just wanted to let you know how blown away I am by the response that you’ve given to my post!

This week, a close friend of mine served as a source of motivation for me to write this post. The real goal was to get the message through to all of my friends that just because someone has a disability does not mean that they desire or deserve to be treated differently at all times. I established some parameters, and all of you went above and beyond them!

I would like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you to become members of my non-support support group. In our group, we focus on getting to know people for who they are rather than how they cope with the challenges they experience. ” Also, to everyone who is staring at me or trying to “help” me or is a self-proclaimed medical expert or knows people who know what I’m going through, your energy is not appreciated in my life.

” Even if you consider it to be kind, whenever you bring it up, I am immediately taken back to the chair where I was receiving my infusion. I do not now live in a state that only constitutes 1.2% of the life that I enjoy, and I do not intend to start doing so any time soon. And I will no longer tolerate it, nor should anyone else who is attempting to conceal themselves in plain sight.

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