Shirley Naylor Obituary, University of Virginia’s Department of Radiology & Medical mourns the death of Shirley Naylor

Shirley Naylor Obituary, Death – The University of Virginia’s Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging would like to offer its sincerest sympathies to Shirley Naylor’s family and friends on the occasion of this much-loved employee’s demise. Shirley Naylor had been with the department for many years. Shirley Naylor was an employee of the department for 36 of her 51 years at the University of Virginia. She died away in a calm and serene manner as she was sleeping on July 3rd morning.

Shirley Ann Morris Naylor came into the world on November 3, 1947. Her full name is Shirley Ann Morris Naylor. After graduating from Albemarle High School in 1967, Shirley started her professional life in the Department of Medical Records at the University of Virginia. This was just a year after she had completed her education. During this time period, Shirley was in charge of performing the transcription of various medical documents. In later years, she took on additional responsibilities, including the administration and instruction of other transcriptionists.

When Shirley initially joined the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging in 1982, she was just beginning her career in the field of radiology and medical imaging. In addition to her other responsibilities, which included the supervision of other administrative assistants and the provision of administrative support to physicians as part of a secretarial pool, she oversaw the department’s library and was in charge of its operations. Shirley also served as the residency program supervisor for the department, and she worked closely with the residency director to identify and cultivate the next generation of medical professionals.

In addition to this post, Shirley served as the residency program supervisor for the department.Because she was thoughtful, considerate, supportive, and diligent in her work, Hirley was an excellent coworker to have on a daily basis. In general, she was a very sweet and kind person. “Shirley was a very generous person and was the rock for her mother and her sisters,” it is said in her obituary. “Shirley was the rock for her mother and her sisters.” Not only was Shirley a rock of support for her mother and sisters throughout her many years of work, but she was also dependable for each and every one of us in the department. She served in this capacity for many years. She could always be counted on, which is one of the many reasons why we will miss her so much.

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