Sis. Wilma Broaden Obituary, Sis. Wilma Broaden Has Suddenly Passed Away

Sis. Wilma Broaden Death, Obituary – On the morning of Thursday, July 6, 2023, an additional committed disciple of Christ and servant in the ministry, Sister Wilma Broaden, departed this world. She was a member of the ministry. Because of her passing, our hearts are filled with a significant amount of sadness, and we want her family and friends to know that we are sending them our condolences and that we are filled with terrible anguish ourselves because of her passing. We want them to know that we are giving them our sympathies and that we are sending them our condolences.

Because of her departure, we are experiencing profound grief, and we want them to know that we are thinking of them and extending our condolences at this difficult time. During the Crusade that was referred to as “Empowered in Christ” and that took place in April of this year, Sister Broaden served in the capacity of a Bible Worker. This event took place in this year. In addition to this, she was a trustworthy worker in the division of the company that was responsible for Community Services.
The funeral services for Sister Wilma Broaden will be held at Ephesus Church the following Sunday, which will be on July 16, 2023 at 2:00 p.m., which is the day and time of the service. The funeral will take place the following week. The funeral will be place on the Sunday that comes just after the person has passed away, directly after that day.
As we move forward, let us make sure that we do not forget about the Broaden family and that we continue to think about and pray for them.

Let us not lose sight of them as we move forward. This includes her daughter Elicia Jacob as well as the other members of the Broaden family, who were all born to her and her husband Ernest Broaden. These images were taken of Sister Wilma Broaden by others while she was serving in the Crusade. Sister Wilma Broaden posed for the photographs. They are presented here for your browsing pleasure at this particular spot.

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