South Windsor Car Accident, Fatal Rollover Crash in South Windsor After Police Attempted Stop

South Windsor Car Accident – The tragic incident occurred in South Windsor during the early morning hours of Wednesday, resulting in the death of a man involved in a rollover crash. According to the police, they had made an attempt to stop the man’s vehicle prior to the crash, adding an additional layer of complexity to the investigation.

At approximately 1:15 a.m., law enforcement received a report from a passerby regarding a crash near the intersection of Nevers Road and Graham Road. Upon arrival at the scene, they discovered an Audi sedan that had rolled over and collided with a tree. Tragically, the driver was pronounced dead on site, and authorities have not yet released his identity.

The sequence of events leading up to the crash involves an officer’s attempt to stop the vehicle approximately 40 minutes earlier due to a violation. However, it remains unclear whether the driver was attempting to flee from the police at the time of the crash, as the officer did not pursue the vehicle. Once the driver failed to comply with the attempted stop, the officer made the responsible decision to pull over and discontinue the pursuit.

In order to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, the Metro Traffic Services (MTS) has been called upon for assistance. Their expertise and resources will contribute to uncovering the facts surrounding the crash, shedding light on any possible contributing factors and determining the sequence of events leading to the tragic outcome.

The South Windsor community, as well as law enforcement agencies, mourn the loss of life resulting from this unfortunate incident. The investigation will aim to provide answers to both the authorities and the grieving family, who are currently grappling with the loss of their loved one.

In an effort to gather any additional information that may assist in the investigation, the MTS has requested that anyone with relevant details come forward. Officer Konrad Rozwadowski, a member of the MTS, can be reached at (860) 645-5560 or via email at By providing any information related to the incident, the public can help contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the events leading to the crash.

As the investigation progresses, law enforcement will work diligently to piece together the details and determine the cause of the crash. The findings will not only serve to bring closure to the family of the deceased but also help prevent similar incidents in the future by identifying potential areas for improved safety measures.

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