Tanyia Harris Obituary, Tanyia Harris Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Tanyia Harris Death, Obituary – Tanyia Harris OAM passed away yesterday evening, and I am sorry to have to break the news to you. I am writing to inform you of this situation at this time. I am saying this with the deepest sense of regret that I possibly can. Tanya was at the Campbelltown Hospital when she died away, and she was accompanied by her family and loved ones as she passed away gently.

During her final moments, she was free from all forms of suffering. Tanyia was someone who I thought of as a good friend, and she was also highly known and justly referred to as the Queen of Campbelltown. Because of these two factors, she became someone who I looked up to. A sizeable number of people came to the conclusion that she was an honorable candidate for this award.

Tanyia was well-known for many things, but perhaps the most notable of these were her dedication to the city of Campbelltown and the several charitable organizations that she has supported during the course of her life. Although Tanyia was well-known for many things, perhaps the most prominent of these were her dedication to the city of Campbelltown.

Tanyia was well-known for many things, but the thing that brought her the most attention was probably the dedication that she showed toward the city of Campbelltown. Tanyia’s first and foremost passion in life was her family, and the second most important thing in her life was harness racing.

As a result of the efforts that she put forth, she was able to leave a legacy that will live on for all time. Tanya’s first and primary interest was in taking care of her family. She will undoubtedly be missed by a big number of people, including myself and a great number of other people, amongst a great number of others.

Tanyia Harris OAM, Queen of Campbelltown, I pray that you are able to find the peace and quiet that you have so richly earned.

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