Terry Barker Obituary Ontario CA, In Loving Memory of Terry Barker

Terry Barker Obituary, Death – I write this with a sorrowful heart to inform you of the untimely and unexpected death of my father, Terry Barker. He was a guy of unwavering commitment and unwavering drive, always standing up for what he believed in. He was a huge fan of the Blue Jays as well as the Leafs, and he never missed a game. Oh, and did he ever enjoy conversing with people; if he could catch your ear, he would go on and on for as long as you would let him.

My brother and I both got our start in farming because of his enthusiasm for the profession, which he passed on to us. He was a guy of tolerance and acceptance, but patience was not one of his strong suits. Despite the fact that we frequently butted heads like dads and sons are wont to do, we were always there for one another in times of need. My father struggled with his health for the most of my childhood, and I watched him put in a lot of effort to become better.

Parkinson’s disease has been a source of difficulty for him during the past several years. He was plagued by bad luck at every turn. In spite of all that has been difficult, all I can think of are the wonderful moments that I will always treasure. You are given a plan by God, and whether it is a good one or a poor one, you need to make the best of it. That conflict came to an end the day before yesterday. If you are not there, harvest time in the fields will not be the same. I pray that God will provide you eternal rest, Dad, wherever you are. You will not be forgotten.

Love you Dad! OMWe are at a loss for words to express how sad we are to hear of the sudden departure of your father. I pray that you will be able to go through this by having a lot of strength and perseverance! Our heartfelt sympathies with you and your family. I was shocked to learn of the demise of your father; please accept my sincere condolences. It is clear from the sincerity with which you have expressed your thoughts that he was a fantastic man who was full of purpose and enthusiasm.

A deep and abiding impact was made on me by his passion for farming and sporting events, as well as by his natural ability to connect with others. Your father, in spite of the difficulties he encountered, battled tenaciously and labored diligently in order to overcome health problems.

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