Tim Kramer Obituary, Tim Kramer Has Sadly Passed Away

Tim Kramer Death, Obituary – Tim Kramer was an uncle, a friend, and a coworker in addition to being a member of the family. My family and I am all devastated to tell you the news that Dad passed away, but we wanted you to be the first to know. Sharing this here is a way for us to celebrate the thrill of knowing Tim and the wonderful good fortune it is to be able to call him family. Sharing this here is a way for us to celebrate the incredible good fortune of being able to call Tim family.

Those who were lucky enough to be able to call Tim a friend are aware that he had the loudest and most raucous laugh (and sneezes) as well as the funniest and most warped sense of humor. Tim was a friend to those who were able to lean on him. He was a genuine artist who had a lifelong passion for photography in addition to his other artistic pursuits. In addition, he was an accomplished gardener who took a lot of interest in the appearance of his outdoor area.

Tim was one of the many passionate spirits of our family’s business for many years. He worked closely with our owner (and his brother-in-law), Brian, as well as his sister Jennifer, and friends Patty and Peter, (our Fab 5, and of course many amazing part-time staff members over the years). Tim was one of the numerous persons that assisted with the management of our company throughout those years. Even though Tim has been retired for quite some time at this point, he has never ceased to be a part of the Sunshine & Ski family in any way, shape, or form.

We are certain that our loyal customer base will see things from our point of view. We would be grateful for any good words or stories that you have to share with us as we commemorate Uncle Tim’s life. We would appreciate any kind thoughts or tales to share in remembrance of Tim as we celebrate his life. You are welcome to leave a comment here, or if you would rather, you can send us a private message.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you! My heart goes out to Hannah Sampson, who is Tim’s niece. I adore her. (My current role is that of General Manager at Sunshine & Ski)

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