Timothy J. Zielke’s Obituary, Timothy J. Zielke’s Has Suddenly Passed Away

Timothy J. Zielke’s Death, Obituary – Timothy J. Zielke’s Death Has Been Confirmed to Have Occurred, According to the Information Obtained On July 5, 2023, Timothy J. Zielke, who had resided in Rochester, New York all his life, passed away. He had reached the age of 65. We are conveying the information with a heavy heart because the news of his departure has left us feeling sad and upset.

We will miss having him around, for sure. You are cordially invited to express your sympathy to Timothy J. Zielke’s family by leaving a message of condolence on the online memorial page that has been created in his honor. Make the most of this opportunity, as it will be your last one to demonstrate to the Zielke family that you hold them in high regard.

Before he was ever born, both of his parents, Gene and Barbara Zielke, as well as his older brother James Zielke, had already passed away. Before he was even born, all three of his family members had passed away. They had all passed away long before he was ever conceived. Their names were bestowed upon him as a token of appreciation and respect for them.

Some of the people who will continue on his legacy include his children Timothy Zielke (Angelina) and Rachael Zielke, as well as his grandson Wyatt Zielke and his brother Thomas Zielke. Also carrying on his legacy is his sister Patricia Zielke. Wyatt Zielke, who is not just one of his nephews but also one of his heirs, is carrying on his legacy.

Visitation will be held at the funeral home that is owned and operated by Leo M. Bean and Sons on the 12th of July 2023, beginning at three in the afternoon and continuing until six in the evening. In the city of Rochester, New York, the funeral home is located at 2771 Chili Avenue, 14624. The zip code for the funeral home is 14624. The postal code is as shown here.

In lieu of sending flowers, you may want to consider making a donation to the East House, which can be done at the following address: 259 Monroe Avenue, Suite 200, Rochester, New York 14607. Thank you for your consideration.


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