Tio Lim Obituary, Beloved Psychology Teacher Passes Away, Leaving Lasting Impact

Tio Lim Obituary, Death – In a heartfelt Facebook post, Connie Barrientos-Carey announces the passing of Miss Evangeline Tio Lim, a beloved figure who had a profound impact on her life and the lives of many students. At the age of 65, Miss Lim’s departure leaves a void that is deeply felt by those who knew her. Described as a towering maternal figure, Miss Lim played a crucial role in shaping the minds of countless students who pursued studies in Psychology.

Connie credits her own personal growth and development to the guidance and influence of Miss Lim, acknowledging that she wouldn’t be the person she is today without her. The loss of Miss Lim is not just a personal blow for Connie but also for the broader academic community. One characteristic that set Miss Lim apart was her unwavering dedication to accountability and meticulousness. She emphasized the importance of proper liquidation and keeping detailed receipts, often reminding her students, “I don’t care who dies, just make sure the receipts are intact.” This mantra exemplified her commitment to integrity and thoroughness in all aspects of life.

Miss Lim’s commitment to excellence extended to her teaching methods as well. She never settled for average or perfect grades, constantly pushing her students to strive for their best. Connie recalls how Miss Lim would challenge her to go beyond the minimum requirements, demanding at least five resources for reports. Her impatience with inefficiency and lack of integrity drove Connie to push herself to her limits, always seeking improvement and growth.

Despite her strictness and high expectations, Miss Lim was an unwavering source of support and pride for Connie. She made sure to convey her pride in Connie’s accomplishments and reminded her to exercise caution in her endeavors, particularly when it came to clashes with government officials and workers. It was a testament to the deep care and concern Miss Lim had for her students’ well-being, even beyond the confines of the classroom.

For Connie and many others, Miss Lim’s passing represents the loss of a parental figure. The void left behind by her departure is not easily filled, as her impact on the lives she touched was immeasurable. In an effort to honor her memory, a wake will be held at The San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in the Scared Heart Church compound. The final mass will take place on Monday, July 17, at 8:30 pm.

To ensure that Miss Lim’s eulogy is a comprehensive reflection of her life and the lives she touched, Connie kindly requests her fellow students and anyone else whose path intersected with Miss Lim’s to join them during this difficult time. Additionally, video messages sharing memories and tributes are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Those who wish to contribute can send their video messages to connie@alephtalent.com by Monday at 10 am.

In commemorating the life and legacy of Miss Evangeline Tio Lim, Connie Barrientos-Carey seeks solace and support from the community that shared in Miss Lim’s wisdom and guidance. Together, they will honor a remarkable individual who will forever be remembered for her dedication, integrity, and the profound impact she had on the lives of her students.

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