Tyrell Mitchell Obituary, of Gouldbusk Tyrell Mitchell Has Sadly Passed Away

Tyrell Mitchell Death, Obituary – Tyrell Mitchell Harding, who was 37 years old and lived in Gouldbusk, passed away on July 8th, 2023. Funeral preparations are currently being handled by Stevens Funeral Home in Coleman at this time. On November 8, 2021, Tyrell Lin Mitchell, age 35, died away at the house of his parents close to Melba, Idaho. He was surrounded by his loving family at the time of his passing. Since he was 16 years old, he had struggled with diabetes, and later in life, he had developed kidney failure and had been receiving dialysis.

Tyrell was born in American Fork, Utah, on the 29th of December in the year 1985. Travis and Terri Mitchell became his adoptive parents shortly after his birth, and they could not have been more thrilled to take care of such an extraordinary infant boy. Tammi, his older sister, was thrilled to have a new baby brother join the family. In July of 1986, the Provo LDS Temple served as the setting for the ceremony that permanently joined Tyrell to his family. After another three years, he was finally able to complete his family with the birth of his younger brother, Tait.

Tyrell was a highly energetic little guy who loved to climb on objects from the time he was a little child. He had a lot of life events, many of which gave his parents cause for concern at various points. To mention just a few examples, there was the can of red enamel paint that he turned upside down on himself while he was in the family room, riding his large wheel down the stairs, and jumping off the shed into the trampoline.

Ty was given a diagnosis of ADHD when he was 6 years old and had to manage the condition for the rest of his life; as a result, he faced a great deal of difficulty and adversity. He had a natural talent for painting and particularly enjoyed drawing and other creative pursuits. He had a brief marriage to Teleena Lewis, which ended in divorce. After moving to Boise, Ty enrolled in ITT Tech and eventually earned a certificate in architectural drafting from the school.

Before he became unable to work due to his disability, he was employed by an architectural company. When he pointed out the buildings and projects that he had worked on, he did so with a lot of pride. Ty had a deep appreciation for nature and spent the most of his time outdoors, engaging in activities such as fishing, adventuring, and bonding with his pet dog and cat. He was a kind and generous man who took pleasure in assisting others. Those who were familiar with him regarded him in a very favorable light.

As a present, Ty received a DNA kit, which enabled him to identify and get in touch with his biological family members, including his birth parents and their extended families. He forged warm bonds of affection with both his birth father, Palemia Fue, and his birth mother, Wendy Collins, as well as their respective families. Both families welcomed him with wide arms as if he had been a member of their clan ever since he was born.

His parents, Travis and Terri Mitchell, of Melba, Idaho, as well as his siblings, Tammi Crnkovich (Travis) of Melba, Idaho, and Tait (Rachel) of Meridian, Idaho, as well as his nieces and nephews, Jade, Taiya, and Evelynn, and Ethan, Taiven, and Traisen, survive him. Nicholas, Thayne, Kyara, Zaharia, Karyana, Phil, Mason, Gordon, Desmond, Dionnzy, Dallin, Darius, and Angellani are Angellani’s siblings. Their birth father is Palemia Fue (Lani).

Wendy Collins was the birth mother, and her children Megan, Holly, Annamaria, and Miranda, as well as their grandma Phyllis Carlton, were all present. On Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 11:00 in the morning, funeral services are going to be place at the Hullinger Mortuary in Roosevelt, Utah. There will be a visitation at the Funeral Home at 9:30 in the morning on that day.

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