Udo Scheid Obituary, Udo Scheid Has Reportedly Passed Away

Udo Scheid Death, Obituary – Udo Scheid, a parishioner of Saint Peter in Somerset West who resided in Helderberg Village and just passed away in Germany, was a resident of Helderberg Village. Udo Scheid was a parishioner of Saint Peter in Somerset West. Helderberg Village is located in Helderberg.

Funeral services for him are going to be held there in September. He passed away in September. This church was the location where his widow, Hazel, who still resides in Helderberg Village, was baptized, confirmed, and received her first Eucharist on the evening of the Easter Vigil.

The church is located in Helderberg Village. All of these activities took place inside of this church. On Wednesday, July 19, at noon, there will be a Memorial Service held for Udo at Saint Peter Church. The ceremony is going to take place on that particular day. Wednesday is the day that has been set aside for the memorial service to take place.

A Parish Mass will be held in his honor, and prayers for the peace of his soul will be given during the service. In celebration of his life, we hope that he may rest in peace. The funeral mass for Jan (Joep) Janssen, who passed away unexpectedly early yesterday morning, Thursday, will be conducted at Saint Peter Church on Saturday, July 15, at thirteen o’clock (one o’clock in English), which is the same time as one o’clock in the afternoon.

The funeral service will begin at the same time as one o’clock in the afternoon. Following that, the cremation of the body will take place. In order to express their support for Hazel, as well as for Marise and her children, during our communal prayer for the peace of the souls of our departed brothers, those members of our Parish family who are able to attend and who were also familiar with Udo and Joep are kindly asked to do so.

This request is extended to those members of our Parish family who were also acquainted with Udo and Joep. During the time that we set apart to pray together for the salvation of our brothers’ souls, we will give this prayer.

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