Vickie Fritz Obituary, Vickie Fritz Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Vickie Fritz Death, Obituary –  Because we are all still trying to work through the effects of such a significant death in our family, it has been quite challenging to even attempt to write this message. Sadly, Keith’s sister Vickie Fritz passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night in New Braunfels, Texas, during the reception of our nephew’s gorgeous wedding.

On Saturday, July 29, at Hilltop Memories Event Center, we will be holding a gathering to celebrate the life of the deceased. She had a deep love for her grandchildren, and her three children were the shining stars in her life. She never failed to prioritize her family, and she never shied away from taking risks in her life.

You could never be in the dark about her thoughts, feelings, or the things that were going through her head. She had a lot of spoilt farm animals and many spoiled canines over the years since she had a lot of spoiled animals in general. She had a lot of passion for animals. When Tyler was a baby and a toddler, she lived across the street from us, and she absolutely adored doting on him and pampering him.

She used to bring him home to play and would feed him jalapeno poppers. When she brought him home, she would laugh and tell me that he ought to have a great fun diaper later on lol. She always instructed her nieces and nephews to address her as Vickie because she was such a sexy aunt! Always there was love and laughing, an abundance of jokes, and her delicious home cuisine to round off the experience.

We are all inconsolable and are still in a state of shock, but we find comfort in the knowledge that she is free from all agony and suffering and has been reunited with the countless friends and family members who have passed away before her. I adore you, Vickie, and you are going to be missed in such a profound way.

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