Washington PA Motorcycle Accident, Accident Shuts Down Part Of Interstate 70 East

Washington PA Motorcycle Accident –  Due to an accident that occurred on Interstate 70 East between the North Junction of Interstate 79 and the Murtland Avenue Exit on Thursday afternoon, the North Junction of Interstate 79 to Interstate 70 East was closed. This information was provided by Washington County 911. According to the dispatchers, the collision featured a motorbike in addition to a tractor-trailer. As a result of the collision, traffic had to be rerouted off the roadway, which led to significant delays on the interstates as well as in and around the city of Washington.

least one individual had significant injuries and was sent to a hospital in Pittsburgh. This is a narrative that is still unfolding. Keep checking back for further details. Officials have given the go-ahead for the first birth control pill to be sold over-the-counter, marking a significant milestone that will increase access for women and adolescents. Following a judgment made by the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, the pharmaceutical company Perrigo will be able to market its once-daily Opill without the need for a physician’s prescription. In the past, a note from a physician was necessary in order to obtain any birth control pill.

The pill won’t be available for purchase from Perrigo until the beginning of the year after next. Pills containing hormones have been the most commonly used method of birth control in the United States for a very long time. Efforts have been made by medical societies and women’s health organizations to expand access. They point out that young women, people from low-income families, and people of ethnic origins face additional challenges when trying to obtain a prescription.

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