Winco Foods Supermarket Denton TN, Shooting Man on parole for aggravated kidnapping accused of stabbing

Winco Foods Supermarket Denton TN, Shooting –  A police report states that a wanted man, age 46, was caught with an unloaded revolver and methamphetamine on him after reportedly stabbing two individuals with a box cutter at a Winco on Tuesday. The suspect is accused of using the box cutter to attack the victims. At about 7:11 p.m., officers from the Denton Police Department responded to a complaint of a stabbing that took place at the Winco located at 2645 W. University Drive. Multiple callers informed the police that a guy using a box cutter was attacking and striking people, and that he had also stabbed two others.

The culprit was discovered by the police, who were successful in questioning him. He is said to have acknowledged that he had a knife in his jacket pocket at the time. He was taken into custody and restrained with handcuffs. During the search that the police did, they allegedly discovered a box cutter in his jacket pocket, a pipe coated in a white material that is thought to be residue from methamphetamine in his pants pocket, and an empty revolver on him.

According to the report, two persons had been stabbed, however according to the report, one of the victims fled the scene and could not be recognized. After reportedly stabbing the victim from behind, the victim arrived at the scene with a little gash on his neck. The suspect then stabbed him. Nobody was taken to the hospital for any additional treatment after the incident. A second guy stated that the 46-year-old had threatened him, and he provided a description of the weapon that matched the box cutter that the police had seized. According to him, the individual approached him and questioned in a “threatening” tone whether or not they knew each other. In response, he stated that they did not, at which point the other individual reportedly made a threat to cut him.

The individual was taken into custody and brought to the local detention facility. It is reported that he provided the authorities with a number of fictitious aliases while being transported to the jail and questioned. In addition, while the police were doing an inventory of his belongings at the police station, it was apparently discovered that he had 6.1 grams of a drug that tested positive for methamphetamine. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a controlled drug punishment category 1 between 4 and 200 grams, unlawful possession of a handgun by a felon, and failing to identify a fugitive with the purpose to offer false information. All of these charges were felony offenses.

The warrants came from Austin, according to the findings of the police. Therefore, in addition to the accusation of violating his parole, he was further charged with aggravated abduction and possession of drug paraphernalia. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was still being held in the municipal jail on bonds that added up to a total of $535,820.30 as well as a parole violation detainer.

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