Zach Hand Obituary, TVA Project Engineer Zach Hand has passed away – Death

Zach Hand Obituary, Death – We must inform you with the deepest regret that Zach Hand, a very valuable coworker and friend, has passed away. It is with the utmost grief that we must do so. Zach Hand went away peacefully at his home in Kentucky last week. Zach Hand’s passing occurred at his house in Kentucky, and it was there in Kentucky that he passed away. Zach Hand’s body had been discovered the week prior as he was dozing off at home. Zach began his job in the construction sector with Trans Ash as a Project Engineer at TVA Paradise eight years ago. Since then, Zach has built a successful career in the field.

Since that time, he has had the opportunity to apply his abilities to a diverse assortment of projects that are located all across the Tennessee Valley. His most recent job was as an Operations Manager in the state of North Carolina, where he worked for quite some time. Zach provided as an example in both his personal and his professional life of what it takes to put in a considerable level of effort and how to go about doing so. It would be quite unusual to find someone who worked with him who did not have positive things to say about him and the contributions he made to the company.

Everyone he met was left with a favorable image of him, and it would be exceedingly unusual to find someone who worked with him who did not speak well of him. He left a positive impression on everyone he met. Because of who you are, Zach, the Trans Ash family would never consider you an outsider in their group of people. Your cheery manner and self-assured “can do” attitude will be sorely missed, but the positive influence you had on each of our lives ensures that the imprints you made on our lives will stay with us for the rest of our lives and serve as a reminder of the impact you had on us.

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